Jim Breuer


I went out there, and she was playing some theater.

Dude, I would have started throwing things at me right away. Right away. If I was nineteen years old and I was in the parking lot, or wherever I was, and I was putting whatever in my system, and I think Metallica's going on at 8 and some yo-yo goes up who's going to do comedy, I'm looking for everything I can to throw at him.

Girls, do yourself a favor, don't ever bring us anywhere to pick anything out - ever, ever. You don't need us there.

This town has lost a lot of business. I've had a lot of people tell me they`re tired of driving to Bonner Springs.

The band starts playing, and everyone just starts running around and pouncing each other to show how much they like the band. What happened to clapping, man?

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