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Madonna's got one big choice. Take a couple of years off and become a human being.

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Sandra Bernhard is an American actress, comedian, singer, and author. She first gained attention in the late 1970s, with her stand-up comedy in which she often bitterly critiqued celebrity culture and political figures.

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For a long time the people at my shows were sort of the Pantera-tattoo trucker guys, really cool dudes, but I don't know what happened to them. That's the crowd that I like, the ones that don't get so offended just to be offended.

I’ve always benefited from knowing machines well, because it’s freedom, it gives you freedom, I always knew that.

Some of my stuff, I realize is just rage.

You say 'erbs', and we say 'herbs', because there's a fucking 'H' in it!

What I wanna know is why I never fit in right like a fat dude getting on a packed flight.