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A whale is killing people in SeaWorld. That's not funny but the headlines were funny: 'Killer Whale Kills.' What the hell do you think a killer whale's going to do? If you go to Brooklyn and see somebody named Killer Mike you don't think he'd give you no roses.

Short bio
Donnell M. Rawlings is an American comedian, actor, and radio host. He is best known as a cast member on the Comedy Central sketch comedy TV series Chappelle's Show and the HBO drama The Wire.

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My grandfather, mother and father were gifted verbally, and my mother passed that along to me. She always made sure I was conscious of language and words.

I just told someone they had a "manly-ass jacket." I may have to give up speaking as my primary form of communication.

There's a commercial break coming and I'm very excited about it and you know why? Because that's what keeps daddy in suits.

If you ever see me getting beaten by the police, put down the video camera and come help me!

My wife was going through my car one night. She said looking for a map. I know it's bogus. 'Cause every time we drive anywhere, she knows exactly where we're going and has no problem telling me how to get there.