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I know how to get sisters. I got 30 years practicing that. All you got to do is go to the club and say, 'I got that rent money.'

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Nathaniel Stroman, best known as "Earthquake", is an American actor, voice artist, and comedian. He also hosted a daily radio show on afternoon drive for WBLS. Earthquake performed a half-hour HBO special as part of the series One Night Stand, which first aired on August 26, 2005.

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Oh, southern rappers... so hard to write a rhyme when you only know 30 words.

When you're famous, you're always famous. It doesn't go away.

I had one girlfriend, she had one of them "recto-mies." You know, that's where they scoop the pussy out and leave the box it came in. We got along just fine. She didn't want nothin' from me, and I sure didn't want nothin' from her.

There's nothing sexier than a girl who's like, 'I know who FDR is, I know about the New Deal, I'm going to give you a new deal.' and then, over a period of years, she structures her sex acts in such a way that they save the economy.

Barack Obama may be black, but John McCain is the first Albino presidential candidate: he's completely see-through!