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No matter what time of year it's always funny when a person walks by me dressed in religious garb and I say Happy Halloween!

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Gary Lewis Gulman is an American stand-up comedian. He was a finalist on the NBC reality-talent show Last Comic Standing in its second and third seasons. He released his first CD, Conversations With Inanimate Objects in 2005, and his first television special Gary Gulman: Boyish Man the following year.

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Religion to me is a bureaucracy between man and God that I don't need.

I do a public access show with puppets. Puppets called actors, TV and movie stars.

Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

What's important is that you stay true to yourself. Because when you enter the real world, the most valuable thing you can bring is all your you-ness. The world doesn't need any more hot chicks or tough guys or smooth talkers - the world needs more you. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I guess the lesson to be learned from the church is that while homosexuality is a sin against God, molestation and rape, well... they're just sins against a child.