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Tell your girlfriend or wife you love them everyday. Like I do!

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Godfrey C. Danchimah, Jr., professionally known as Godfrey, is an American comedian and actor who has appeared on BET, VH1, Comedy Central, and feature films, such as Soul Plane, Original Gangstas, Zoolander, and Johnson Family Vacation.

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I don't ever want to have kids of my own. But I do want a lot of kids.

President Bush is taking the entire month of August off. Bush said today he thinks it is important for a president to spend time away from Washington. Or at least that's what Dick Cheney told him.

Does anyone ever shudder with the crap that you pulled off and didn't die?

To a right-winger, unions are awful. Why do right-wingers hate unions? Because collective bargaining is the power that a worker has against the corporation. Right-wingers hate that.

If my brain hadn't shrunk, I'd be insulted.