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I've been in prison for three years. My dick gets hard if the wind blows.

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Edward Regan Murphy is an American actor, comedian, and singer. Murphy was a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1984. He has worked as a stand-up comedian and was ranked No. 10 on Comedy Central's list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time.

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I took a public speaking class in college and managed to make the class laugh a little bit.

President Bush said this Iraq situation looks like 'the rerun of a bad movie.' Well sure, there's a Bush in the White House, the economy's going to hell, we're going to war over oil. I've seen this movie, haven't I?.

We all want something else other than what we have and don't realize what you got works. It works. It does work. You gotta work. Marriage is work. Marriage is a career. It's not an adventure.

Taking a call girl to an STD fair... there's a joke here.

I like Irish pubs, except for all the loud music and drinking, and people acting like idiots.