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I went to the White House, met the president... We in trouble. (on Reagan)

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Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor was an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. He reached a broad audience with his trenchant observations and storytelling style, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential stand-up comedians of all time.

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Welcome to my garage! This is where I go to get away from the honey-do list.

Stop worrying. Hollywood won't turn your daughter into a nymphomaniac or get her hooked on drugs... I will.

A recent conversation: Dubya: Look at the clock, time is racing! Cheney: That's the second hand, George.

On many young actors that don't give their parents proper credit: I'm still waiting for some actor to win, say, an Oscar... and deliver the following acceptance speech: I would like to thank my parents, first of all, for letting me live.

That's what it's like to be a comedian. You basically stand and stare at the world and hope it craps out cause that's a good year for you. So that's not a pleasant feeling.