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It takes 15,000 nuts to hold a car together, but only one to spread it all over the highway.

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Clerow "Flip" Wilson Jr. was an American comedian and actor best known for his television appearances during the late 1960s and the 1970s. From 1970 to 1974, Wilson hosted his own weekly variety series, The Flip Wilson Show, and introduced viewers to his recurring character Geraldine.

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Inauguration Security was tighter than Kirstie Alley in a pair of spandex pants.

I like my mom's cooking a little better than my girlfriend's. But I don't tell my girlfriend that. I tell my girlfriend her cooking sucks.

You might be a redneck if you keep a can of Raid on the kitchen table.

It's very simple. There's only one requirement of any of us, and that is to be courageous. Because courage, as you might know, defines all other human behavior. And, I believe - because I've done a little of this myself - pretending to be courageous is just as good as the real thing.

Try to catch a trout and experience the glorious feeling of letting it go and seeing it swimming away.