Quote by Larry Miller:

It doesn't burn unless you take too long to blow it out. How true that is, for life in general.


Quotes by other comedians

I went to Las Vegas. I was playing craps because I had a lot of money and I needed to lose it very quickly. Crap must have been the worse word available when that game was invented. If they invented it today, they’d have to call it “motherfucker.”

50 Cent is a hero to me because he's overcome so many things. He's been shot nine times and lived. I had a cousin got shot once in the ankle. Dead. I had to go to the funeral. I was mad. "Man, you ain't hard! You ain't hard!"

Separation of Church and State is the perineum of America and the episiotomy didn’t hold.

We were talking about urban youth. And by urban I mean lives in a city not urban as in black like white people use it.

Death is nature's way of saying, "Your table's ready."