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Credit-card debt and day trading-I feel like Michael Corleone in Godfather III, just when I think out, they pull me back in.

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Louis Perry Anderson is an American stand-up comedian, actor and television host. Anderson created the cartoon series Life with Louie and has written four books, including Hey Mom: Stories for My Mother, But You Can Read Them Too, which was published in 2018.

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Cats have a scam going - you buy the food, they eat the food, they go away; that's the deal.

It was tumultuous, it was crazy, but I would not trade it for anything.

Man, you can come see me six or seven times in a row and you’ll never see the same show twice, because I don’t like to be robotic onstage. I like to perform for that particular audience.

When we were making out you kinda acted like it was nothing. Like you were doing it to prove you could do it or something.

All my life I was a class clown, church clown, neighborhood clown. And I took a shot after my divorce. She pushed me and I took it.