Quote by Martin Lawrence:

You used to be looking good from afar. Now you just far from looking good!


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Take away the robots and the special effects, and Star Wars is just the simple story of a group of friends planning a terrorist attack.

Think well of yourself and others will too. Unless those others are in government, banking, or show business.

My brain is very fantastical. If I ever actually recorded myself, I could probably win a Grammy for sex talk. Being on the road while in relationships, you need to learn to pleasure one another.

I know a husband whose neighbour boasted, “I got a cute little red sports car for my wife yesterday.” “Gosh,” sighed my friend, “I wish I could make a trade like that.”

And then we get here and five minutes after we arrive, the skies open up. It's completely nice and there was a rainbow above the thing we were shooting. So, I don't know, if God didn't want us to shoot, he sure fucked up today.