Quotes & Jokes about Opportunities / page 2


Now that I have the opportunities to do a lot, I want to do less.

We don't consider ourselves equal opportunity anythings, because that's not - you know, that's the beauty of fake journalism. We don't have to - we travel in fake ethics.

Water parks provide a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and then soak in their pee.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to usher the program through its early stages of growth. For 10 years I have approached my responsibilities with pride and with passion. It has been a tremendous experience to work with our amazing student-athletes.

It would be ridiculous for me to say anything negative regarding blacks having an equal opportunity on TV.

Georgia was a great place to live, but I wanted to get out because I knew the opportunities for what I was doing - stand-up comedy and eventually acting - were in Los Angeles.

I'm grateful for any opportunity to act.

I don't think Hollywood was trying to do anything with me. In fact, they lost interest pretty quick. I think I got lucky, briefly, in the '90s, and it just so happened that those movies were the opportunities that came my way. Then it just kind of stopped.

This country is just that great that the opportunities are there for a Hispanic president, a black president or any other race for a president, yes.