Quotes & Jokes about Sport / page 2


A sports bar is a way to take a bar and fill it with even more annoying people than usual.

Black people dominate sports in the United States. 20% of the population and 90% of the final four.

Guys you have way too much invested in sport. Guys you are not the tenth man. You're a machine for turning beer into piss that's what you are!

Skiing is my favorite sport, because, that's the only sport that is actually better to watch the worst the person is at it. "That guy won a gold medal in the Olympics." "Oh yeah, that's cool, I wanna watch the fat guy." "Come on dude, you can take that hill."

You might be a redneck if you think mud rasslin' should be an Olympic sport.

In most places in the country, voting is looked upon as a right and a duty, but in Chicago it's a sport.

To look like you are a real sports fan, when there is a game on TV just yell, "Oh, come on!" every now and then at the TV.

The only sport I really get into is snowboarding. Cause that’s the only sport where they perform a half pipe just after smoking a full pipe.

Bowling is not a sport because you have to rent the shoes.

I don't really like politics that much. And I like the order and simplicity of sports. They have an ending. You can argue with your friends about it, but in the end you still like sports. I almost love the fantasy world of sports more than the real world.

Sports are an acceptable way for men to show emotion. A guy who won't hug his kid will slip a guy a tongue in a sports bar when his team wins.

If no-eye contact sex were a sport, I'm not saying I'd make it to the Olympics, but I like my chances.

Don't like when sports interviewers force answers: "Are you dedicating this game to your sick grandmother?" What's the guy supposed to say?