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I just got a car, and I gotta say, this car is very cryptic. The very first day I drove it, a light came on out of nowhere: 'Check engine.' Could they be any more vague? What if a light came on and said, 'Problem'?

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Arjan Singh, known by the stage name Arj Barker, is an American comedian and actor from San Anselmo, California. He has toured in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. He was born to an engineer father and artist mother, and is half-Indian, half-European. His father is of Sikh heritage.

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Kristen Stewart always looks like she's posing for pictures taken in a basement by her creepy uncle.

Is the glass half full, or half empty? It depends on whether you're pouring, or drinking.

Before I was a comedian, I thought the coolest thing that would happen to me was to be a teenager. Boy, was I wrong.

Teachers have a chance to mold someone, inspire them. I hope all teachers realize that.

I understand dildos: not everybody has fifteen inches of dick to swing around to scare the children.