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Long ago you may have given up control of your brain and set it on autopilot either because it just felt like too much work. And it is work! But for me, this work was well worth it for the prospect of not waking up sad every day.

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Christopher Ryan Hardwick is an American stand-up comedian, actor, television host, writer, producer, and podcaster.

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My kids scotch tape worms to the sidewalk and watch the birds get hernias.

I love Tinkle, it's really the most fun I've had in years.

I wanted to get the guy who works next to me in the office something he really wants, but how do you wrap up a saloon?

My girlfriend just asked me for ten grand because she wants fake tits. I said no, baby. You need fake tits.

I don't want to be my own boss. I want to be my own colleague.