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I think comedy as an art involves the audience as a participant as much as is involves the artist.

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Craig Ferguson is a Scottish-American television host, comedian, author, and actor. He hosted the syndicated game show Celebrity Name Game, for which he won two Daytime Emmy Awards, and of Join or Die with Craig Ferguson on History.

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They're not the sharpest people - babies. So, you must be everything to them.

You go to McDonalds, they don’t even have numbers on the cash register no more. Got pictures of food. If you know what a french fry look like, you become the manager. You the smartest one there.

If you ever find the perfect person, run so fast that they see flames shoot out of your ass 'cause all the perfect person does is amplify your flaws a thousand-fold. It makes you feel like that much more of a dick: I used to be a partier; now, I'm an alcoholic. It's all in who's judging.