Quote by Chris Rock:

If you haven't contemplated murder, you ain't been in love. If you haven't seriously thought about killing a motherfucker, you ain't been in love.

Short bio
Christopher Julius Rock is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director. After working as a stand-up comedian and appearing in supporting film roles, Rock came to wider prominence as a cast member of Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s.

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Black movies don't have real names, they have names like Barbershop. That's not a name, that's just a location.

Women will do anything Oprah Winfrey says, and that is why we can't have women voting.

I have also reviewed my own financial obligations, which have puffed up recently like a hammered thumb.

I like the idea that when a guy comes over to the house, I get to say I wrote the book.

We learned sexual technique from our dog. He taught how to beg, and he taught my wife how to roll over and play dead.