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With all the classes they offer at school, how come they don’t have one for common sense?

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Gabriel Jesus Iglecias, known professionally as Gabriel Iglesias or Fluffy, is an American comedian and actor. He is known for his shows I'm Not Fat… I'm Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy.

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All parents suck. There's not a good one out there. Not one. You people watching right now... if you were good parents you would turn this television off, you would grab a book, and you would read to you children.

I just like doing standup, that's all I'm interested in or good at.

They travel in groups. You never see an Asian by their self.

I may sound like a megalomaniac, but I feel like I'm equipped to become a great, memorable comedian, if I keep working my ass off and staying at the pace I'm at, and I feel a responsibility to do that because of the women who have done it before me, and the ones who need to do it after me.

They're not very good at naming Popes as well. They had a run of Piuses, it went like Hollywood, they had Pope Pius the first, the second, Pope Pius the third "The revenge of Pope Pius". Pope Pius the fourth, "This time he's pissed off." Pope Pius the fifth in 3D!