Howie Mandel Quotes and Jokes


I was the voice of Bobby. So while I was doing the show, I was also a father. It did reflect how I tried to handle things in my own home.

People who annoy people are the luckiest people in the world.

I'm from Canada, so Thanksgiving to me is just Thursday with more food. And I'm thankful for that.

Now I have new stories and I feel refreshed. There is talk of Bobby's World eventually coming back. I would be happy to do that.

Bobby's World touched a lot of people. That's why the family's last name is Generic. Uncle Ted is based on uncles we've all had.

I needed time to stand back and go through a lot more experience in life. Then I have something to write about, joke or to animate.

We get up early Sunday morning, and we have cereal and orange juice and we make crank calls.

My whole life is a practical joke. Every evening and every show has really become about entertaining me. I was always like that. And now I've come full circle because that's what the TV show is too.

The success of any stand-up act comes out of life experience.

My point of reference is life, in everything that I do.

I thought that was funny, but nobody else did. I was mostly entertaining myself, though. My parents both had a great sense of humor, and always laughed a lot. One night, when they were watching Candid Camera, I finally understood what comedy was all about. I heard the laughter on television, I turned around and saw my parents laughing, and that's when I thought: 'This is great. This is what I can do. I'm gonna prank somebody.'

When I went into Bobby's World, I had no idea it would be a success. I had been doing the Bobby voice as part of my nightclub adult act for years.

We did it for nine years, No. 1, and the Fox Children's Network moved it into a different direction, of the Power Rangers and other stuff.

It's heart-wrenching because they often need the money.

I've had people come up to me, as home viewers, and tell me they were screaming at the TV, yelling at each other, yelling at the contestants.